Milk is essential for your growing family’s strong bones and teeth. Children represent the world’s largest consumers of milk, consuming 52% of all processed milk worldwide.

Proteins, found in milk assist the body to produce and repair body tissues such as muscles and skin. Milk is rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, essential in building strong bones and teeth.

Iron, also found in milk, is vital for the production of healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body.

Studies have shown that it’s during sleep that the body grows at its optimum rate. Giving your child a glass of NESPRAY before bedtime and first thing in the morning is important, because it provides the perfect combination of nutrients that are essential for optimal growth. NESPRAY Full Cream milk powder can be used in a number of ways: from a glass of milk in the morning and at night, in tea or coffee and even in baking.  It truly is an all purpose milk powder.


  • NESPRAY has 23 added vitamins and minerals, making it nutritionally superior to other ordinary milks
  • NESPRAY has been nourishing our nation for over 66 years
  • NESPRAY goes the mile. 1 tin of 900gr NESPRAY = 7 litres of milk

NESPRAY. Your Love. Their Future.