Wellbeing & Diversity

Wellbeing & Diversity


Nestlé’s success and culture has been shaped by strong, multi-cultural diversity. We work hard to integrate in every community to which we belong – and we place the highest value gender equality and the unique perspectives that our people bring us. We’re open about the motivations behind this.

Yes, we believe we have a social responsibility to promote diversity, but equally we know it sharpens our performance and gives us an advantage over our competitors. So we’re working hard to develop an environment, culture and leadership approach that provides equal opportunities for everyone, in every level.

Employee Health and Wellness

Our vision and values should shape everything we do. We believe strongly in providing our people with a healthy diet and sporting activities, we support our principle of ‘healthy minds in healthy bodies,’ and create the healthy workforce that sets us apart.

With this in mind, most of our markets have implemented Employee Health & Wellness Programmes that reflect the specific needs and expectations of their people. These include weight management plans, disease prevention, daily childcare, flexible benefit schemes and flexible work arrangements.

Safety and Health

Nestlé is founded on caring: for our consumers, for the communities to which we belong, and, most fundamentally, for our colleagues. Safety and health is fundamental to everything we do and we’re committed to achieving zero accidents and that means we need to lead the world in our thinking and practices.


Our appeal to new and existing people doesn’t just rest on the financial rewards and benefits we offer. We offer a global, diverse and enriching environment with countless possibilities to learn and grow. All these factors – our Total Rewards as we call them – contribute to our appeal.

Naturally, our Total Rewards aren’t standardized around the world. They vary between our Markets, reflecting differing candidate aspirations and variations in what our employees value across the globe.

Our Total Rewards Policy is designed to give both the business and our people a clear understanding of Total Rewards and the principles behind them.

These guiding principles are:

  • Provide a globally consistent framework with the flexibility for each Market to create competitive programmes that comply with local legislation
  • Focus on attracting and retaining talented employees, building a high-performance culture and ensuring a highly engaged workforce that achieves sustainable business results
Although there are variations between Markets in what employees value, there are also some common elements:
  • Fixed Pay
  • Variable Pay
  • Benefits
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Work-Life Environment

We expect all our people to understand the specific characteristics of Total Rewards and how they are established and maintained throughout the Group. Our Total Rewards Policy aims to build this knowledge and to explain how Nestlé is committed to giving each employee the opportunity to grow, evolve and contribute