Corporate Communications

press release

The CCPA unit’s primary objective is to build and protect Nestlé’s reputation and ensure the company is positioned positively in the minds of internal and external publics. The identification and utilisation of relevant platforms is key to achieving this mandate.

The unit is made up of Internal Communication, a sub-division which works very closely with all internal stakeholders and is key in helping build loyalty of all employees through transparent, open and consistent communication. It also includes Public Affairs comprising Stakeholder Relations which is responsible for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), Issue and Crisis Management, Partnerships and Creating Shared Value (Corporate Social Responsibility).

CCPA also manages all Media Relations activities for the business (traditional, i.e. broadcast and print as well as digital media), media relationship building and maintenance. The Consumer Contact Centre, which is the first pint of call for consumers to offer suggestions, complaints and compliments, is located within this space.

To succeed and have a long career in this area you will need to be a prolific writer, be passionate about reputation management, understand principles of communication, media relations and platforms and have the ability to think outside the box. You must have an interest in and understand current affairs and its impact on business, appreciate and recognise risk and crisis and their impact, understand the government and its different tiers and the broader regulatory space and have a have a strong interest in brands. A flair for networking, relationship building, a desire for knowledge and taking initiative to learn about the business will stand you in good stead in this discipline.