Actigen E

MILO stands for wholesome and balanced nutrition. It inspires you to reach your personal best in an active lifestyle

It's made from natural ingredients, and fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced nutrition in every cup.


So, where does the goodness come from?

MALT: A natural source of energy for physical and mental activity. This also gives MILO its unique taste.
COCOA: Packed with Phosphorus, Magnesium and polyphenols.
MILK: An essential source if calcium for bone and tooth development, and is especially important during childhood when peak bone mass is built.

MILO is fortified with ACTIGEN-E

This is a combination of "energy-releasing" micronutrients which help promote the optimal release of energy from food (proteins, fats and carbohydrates).
The energy-releasing mixture contains 8 vitamins and 4 minerals.
This allows for effective energy release - Perfect for healthy and active kids!

Did you know that just 2 glasses of MILO and milk a day give kids 100% RDI (recommended dietary intake) of iron, calcium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C?