Top of the coffee creamers.

Experience the Creamy side of LITE


You seek to remain beautiful and healthy and are looking for enjoyable ways to do this. Welcome to a world where creamy indulgence is perfectly balanced with a healthy lifestyle.

With 50% less fat, but the same original CREMORA taste, CREMORA Lite is specially formulated to bring you the same creamy taste but with only half the fat.

CREMORA LITE is a non-dairy creamer and the first low fat creamer suitable for lactose intolerant coffee drinkers. With CREMORA LITE, reduced fat does not mean reduced taste.

CREMORA LITE can be used with all types of coffee and has no unpleasant aftertaste. CREMORA LITE, the easy and indulgent way to a more balanced and healthier lifestyle!

The creamiest coffee creamer

CREMORA has come a long way; the brand has been part of the South African coffee drinking culture since 1961! Coffee creamers were originally developed as a non-dairy based formula able to deliver a better performance of coffee creaming than milk. It reduces coffee bitterness and acidity, delivers body, gives a creamy taste,improves palatability and even improves coffee’s appearance.

CREMORA can be used by even those who are lactose intolerant and does not need to be refrigerated. Today, CREMORA is the dominant force within the coffee creamer market and continues to grow from strength to strength!

Put some heart in your coffee with the creamiest choice

Did you know that each hour in South Africa, 1.3 million cups of instant coffee are consumed, one in every six of these consumers use CREMORA!

CREMORA has moved beyond that of a coffee whitener and strives to transform an everyday cup of coffee to a new enjoyable coffee beverage experience by delivering the creamiest cup of coffee every time! Because you put your heart into everything you do, we make sure that CREMORA always has MORE for you.

There’s MORE taste and MORE creaminess for MORE enjoyment because CREMORA is the creamiest coffee creamer! CREMORA brings people together. It is the perfect choice for the creamiest cup when you are sharing special moments with friends or family, and the best reward when you want to kick back and relax with a soothing cup of coffee when having some well deserved me-time.

CREMORA is always your perfect coffee companion for creating perfect coffee moments!

Available in the following pack sizes:


Sachet - 125g and 250g
Jar - 250g and 500g
Carton - 1kg

CREMORA Lite: Jar - 250g
Carton - 1kg