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At Nestlé, we understand a mother's desire to do her very best to ensure her children grow healthy and strong.

One of the most vital parts of any child's physical growth is milk. Children are the world's largest consumers of milk, consuming 52% of all processed milk worldwide.

This is why we bring you NESPRAY, a full cream milk powder packed with added vitamins and minerals to help you give your child what they need every day.

From every glass of NESPRAY, your child gets proteins (which assists in muscle growth and tissue repair), Calcium (for strong bones and teeth), Iron (which is vital to carry oxygen in the body), Zinc (which assists with brain function) and Vitamin A (essential for immunity).

Giving your child a glass of NESPRAY before bedtime and first thing in the morning is important because it provides the perfect combination of nutrients that are essential for optimal growth.

NESPRAY. Your Love. Their Future.

How much milk do I get from my pack of NESPRAY?

1.8kg tin
1 x 1.8kg = 14 litres milk

1.8kg Nespray tin

900g tin
1 x 900g = 7 litres milk

900g Nespray tin

900g tin
1 x 900g = 7 litres milk

900g Tummy ease Nespray tin

400g tin
1 x 400g = 3 litres milk

400g Nespray tin

500g refill
1 x 500g = 3.8 litres milk

500g Nespray refill
250g refill
1 x 250g = 1.9 litres milk

250g Nespray refill