Performance Culture

Performance Culture
A high performance culture supported by differentiated rewards and development is key to the delivery of individual and business objectives.

This is driven by the alignment of clear and challenging responsibilities and priorities and ensuring that employees are aware of how their work impacts Nestlé. Your performance is the most important factor in determining your opportunities within Nestlé. You can take on new and bigger responsibilities by demonstrating through our performance evaluation process that you have performed strongly and consistently over a number of years.

The Nestlé world is a world of opportunity, where you can enhance the quality of life, for yourself, for your career and for the world.”

In taking the first step towards finding out more about Nestlé, we hope that you will submit an application to join us at the world’s leading Health, Wellness and Nutrition Company.

Each person who takes up the challenge will help to build and shape the Nestlé of the future – to create better lives for our consumers, your colleagues and yourself.

We realise at Nestlé that our future lies not just in meeting demands through traditional business channels, but also in providing new nutritional and body enhancement products strengthened by thorough research and development.

Ensuring equal opportunity, fair employment practices and the creation of a work force that reflects the diversity of our consumers is fundamental to our structure and hiring standards and practices.